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Music at Practice


The usage of music during practice is a simple, yet effective concept that is growing throughout the ranks of college football programs. Whether coaches are creating playlists or using DJ’s, utilizing music in practice is a new and innovative tool that coaches are implementing into their practice plans to control the pace of each session […]

Measuring Your Coaching Effectiveness With Lockr


Lockr is a revolutionary, web-based sports coaching tool that’s designed to “Track, Organize, and Measure Coaching Effectiveness.” But what does that really mean for you as a coach? Well, suppose you get upset at a group of running backs for fumbling. Is your anger based on perception, or true data? Are you judging the entire […]

Planning and Preparing Your Practices


As a coach, you want to spend the bulk of your time on the field with your athletes, not in the office trying to put a decent practice plan together. Yet, that‘s exactly what a lot of us do, year after year, since we’re still relying on old and antiquated methods of getting ready for […]

Network, Share, and Connect with Coaches Anywhere


Not only does Lockr help you become a better coach, it has built-in functionality that allows you to share and exchange information with other coaches. Through Lockr’s social media function, you can communicate directly with staff, share files, and discuss ideas with colleagues. You can also view live feeds from other coaches, follow their activities, […]

File Storage for Plays, Drills, and Coaching Material


If you’re like most coaches, you jot down practice notes on scraps of paper, keep your drills on a flash drive, and tote around old notebooks that double as your playbooks. The problem of course is having everything separated means you’re more than likely misplacing stuff. A lot! So you frequently waste valuable preparation time […]

Getting Yourself Organized


Organization is Key To Having Success There’s no getting around it: To truly succeed in coaching, you’ve got to get organized. In fact, not being organized can literally be your coaching downfall. Why? Because being unorganized eats away precious time, and time is by far your most valuable asset. For example, I’ve wasted plenty of […]