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Using Lockr to Build and Organize an Efficient and Effective Strength Training Program


About the Author: Lee Weber, CSCS, Strength and Conditioning Instructor, Council Grove High School in Council Grove, KS. Weber is also the Head Football Coach and Head Track and Field Coach for CGHS and has been a successful strength and conditioning coach for the past 13 years. 

Lockr stands as a new exciting coaches’ organization and collaboration tool that can potentially elevate and rejuvenate your coaching career. Lockr is a new tool in your toolbox with some powerful uses, but like any power drill with a built in level or circular saw with a laser sight, Lockr is best used when we realize all the applications and features and put them to use. Lockr has some amazing potential for use on the field or the court, but if you don’t use this platform to elevate your strength and conditioning program as a whole then you are missing the boat.

Let’s examine the components of a well-organized and well-implemented strength and conditioning program and how Lockr can help you.

1. Organization: Many strength coaches like myself have file cabinets, file boxes, binders, and spreadsheets of workouts, programs, and plans in their office. We all have some sort of organizational strategy, but Lockr allows me to put all of my digital files that I collected, the hard copy workouts, and drill tapes in one place. Lockr also allows the strength coach to put detailed workout plans that include exercise and drill descriptions and video together for all coaches in the program.

2. Emphasis on Proper Technique and Safety: The ability to upload videos demonstrating proper technique as well as include detailed explanations of exercises and drills will allow coaches in a school or in a program to be on the same page with the technical aspects and safety concerns for every strength and conditioning exercise they employ.

3. Focus on the Key Components to Improve Performance: Using Lockr, coaches can create and collaborate on a catalog of drills and exercises for use in their programs. I am a firm believer in doing certain things daily in my strength program that I feel are crucial to my sport. For example, we feel that to develop speed in our program we have to do some sort of hamstring developer every day. Using Lockr, the coaches in my school can collaborate to create a catalog of hamstring developers to use in our workouts. Similarly, our volleyball coach can use our ideas and his/her own to create a detailed list of explosion/vertical jump drills  and developers with video examples of proper technique.

4. Variable Levels of Intensity, Progression, and Overload: Lockr allows you not only to build a sharply focused catalog of drills for specific components of your program, but also a vary expansive and extensive catalog of exercises of drills to continually keep your program fresh and allow your athletes to push through plateaus. Constantly before Lockr, I had search through my files to find a rep/set pattern or exercise description to help me change up the monotony in our workouts. Now, all of that information is one place and with several clicks, I can find those rep/set patterns or alternative exercises quickly and include them in my workout plan.

5. Meticulous Record Keeping Allowing For Effective Evaluation and Motivation: Lockr allows coaches to share records and performance data as well as collaborate on that data so that they can all effectively evaluate the methods of the strength and conditioning principles they are using. It also allows coaches to collaborate and archive records for use with athletes across multiple sport for the purpose of motivating the athletes.

6. Continuity Across the Program: What of the most important part of developing an effective strength program is making sure all the coaches involved with the athletes are on the same page. The collaboration and sharing components of Lockr insure that coaches of athletes who participate in multiple sports in a high school setting or multiple coaches who deal with one athlete in a program in college can be on the same page and design the most effective in-season, pre-season, and post-season programs for all the athletes involved. 

Lockr is a dynamic tool that can maximize your talents and abilities as a coach. Having all of your data, instructional materials, programs, and video in one place where you can collaborate with other coaches on practice plans, drill and exercise catalogs, and long-term or short-term strength and conditioning plans is a game changer. Effective strength and conditioning programs can push an athlete through a performance plateau. Lockr can be that same sort of catalyst for higher performance for you as a coach.



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