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A few reasons why it will change your life.

Your Coaching Life Organized

All your plays, drills and files in one place. Even manage multiple coaching roles under one account.

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Capture Video

Use your mobile device to capture video of drills and plays to go along with your descriptions and coaching points. You can also upload videos and images via the website.

Create & Store

Create plays & drills and upload files

A few simple steps and you’ve got all your plays in an easy-to-manage and easy-to-share format.

Safe & Secure

Keep everything under lock and key until you choose to share. All of your plays, drills and files are private until you choose to share them.

Store Files and Share with Others

Get all your files in one place. From PDF Playbooks to forms and other documents. Upload, organize, share and more.

Quick & Easy Bulk Upload

Drag and Drop your files for easy upload. Add labels and organize them so they’re easy to find and share.

Connect with your peers

Find your favorite coaches, share drills, plays and files. Even share securely with your coaching staff.

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Request to connect with other coaches.

Profile views are limited until you’re connected. Once connected you can see each others’ full profiles. You can also share plays, drills & files with each other as desired.

Show your stuff. Grow your career!

Create your coaching resume. Network with other coaches. Build your career. Lockr allows you to share your wisdom and learn from others. Build relationships and improve your chances for success.

Send Messages

Get advice and share ideas with other coaches through private messages.

Share Plays & Drills

Collaborate and share plays, drills and files with other coaches of your choosing. A great way to grow!

Practice Schedules

Create practice schedules and share them with your staff. Even allow them to collaborate.

Share Files

PDF Playbooks, Release forms, etc. Share it all with your staff and others.

Track Yourself Get Better

Keep track of the drills you’re using and capture notes on practice. Find what works and what doesn’t.

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Create Practice Schedules to Track Drill Usage

Drag and drop your drills to share and create schedules. Print or share them for use at practice.

Get a look at the week ahead

Plan well, share often and track results easily to improve your game.

Track Results through Notes

Drag and drop your files for easy upload. Add labels and organized them so they’re easy to find and share.

Lockr goes where you go

All your stuff with you whether you’re at your desk or on the field. All delivered via an awesome interface.

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Tablet Friendly

The application is designed and built in a way that adjusts to your screen size. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop or tablet, it adjusts to fit you.

Awesome Mobile App

We’ve spent time and energy to design and build a mobile experience that will make you the best coach possible. Grab it from the App Store and start stepping up your game.