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Tough Start to The Season? Here Are 3 Ways That You Can Start a Winning Streak.


At some point in a season, every team faces adversity. It’s a part of football that rears it’s ugly head when you least expect it. For some teams, adversity starts in week 1 of the season. So after a couple losses and some dampened spirits, how do you overcome these obstacles and get back to winning games? Here are a few suggestions that we pulled from our coaches:

1) “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

  • Otherwise known as the 5 P’s, this phrase can be the building block of a winning streak. Critically evaluate your practices, film study and coaches meetings. If wins aren’t the result of your preparation, it may be time to change the way you prepare. Enlist the help of your coaching mentors to guide some of these changes if you’re unsure of the next steps. Coaching is a fraternity, so don’t be afraid to seek out trusted resources.
  • Your captains and on-field leaders should be made aware of the new-and-improved preparation techniques as well. This gives these leaders a chance to show that they have the persistence it takes to continue to motivate their teammates under difficult circumstances.

2) Team-building activities

  • Is your team not working as a cohesive unit on the field? Maybe that it because they aren’t a cohesive unit off the field. Sometimes on-field chemistry is started through team-building activities like dance-offs, video game competitions or this weird ball trick that Notre Dame does. Here are some examples of what we are talking about (from Bleacher Report).

3) Think outside-the-box 

  • The little adjustments in a game can mean the difference between winning and losing. Are you a conservative play-caller? Try different personnel packages to give new players a shot to impress. Is your defense not applying enough pressure to the opposing QB? Try what the Falcons did last year against Peyton Manning: the Amoeba Defense. Are you not converting enough on 3rd down? Go for it on 4th down more often. There are many solutions to changing the tide in your favor, but it does take a certain amount of outside-the-box thinking.

Get after it this week, coaches! If you would like to schedule a demo to see the power of Lockr, e-mail us:

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