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Summer Preparation begins with Leadership


About the Author: Garry Fisher is the Linebackers coach for Eastern Kentucky University. Contact him via email at: and on twitter @Linebackers101 As teams wrap up their spring practices and prepare for the summer, it’s always a challenging time period for football coaches. As coaches, we have to turn over the program to our strength coaches […]

The Brick vs The Sponge: Leadership Qualities for QB’s


About the Author:  John Tomlinson has been blessed to have coached the greatest game on earth for 20 years from high school to the collegiate level. He’s spent 15 of those years coaching and developing Quarterbacks from North Carolina to Texas. He’s been privileged to have interned with the Indianapolis Colts and be mentored by Tom Moore, Frank Reich, […]

Are You Creating Leaders in The Locker Room?


After a few weeks of fall camp and a handful of games, your season is starting to take shape. One of the reasons that your team may be succeeding is the leadership in the huddle. No matter what level you are coaching at, having strong leaders on the field is integral to your team’s execution, […]