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Coaching QB’s: Fundamentals over Scheme? (part 1)


About the Author: This blog is a series of articles from John Tomlinson, Cedar Hill HS Assistant Football Coach, Cedar Hill, TX.  Coach Tomlinson can be reached at So what’s important in developing a Quarterback, scheme or fundamentals? Should these things even be compared or should they be integrated? Should one take precedence over the […]

Coaching Insights: Q&A with Steve Warren, Part 3


In part three of our Coaching Insights blog, Steve Warren sat down with us and talked about the challenges and opportunities that the end of the season can bring. Coach Warren is the head coach of Concordia Lutheran in Omaha, NE and the founder of Warren Academy. Q: How do you get a group of young players […]

Coaching Insights: Q&A with Steve Warren


This week we got the opportunity to sit down with Steve Warren (head coach at Concordia Lutheran High School in Omaha, Nebraska) and talk about his coaching experience through the first couple of weeks of the season. This is Warren’s first season with the Mustangs and he was kind enough to share his insights about […]