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Mr. T says it best: “I believe that mothers are one of God’s greatest creations.”


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th and we want to make sure all of our coaching friends take time out of their day to thank their Mother’s for all the support they have given over the years.  The coaches at Lockr all have special memories of how their mothers have been supportive of their sports careers and what better way to let them know, than by using this avenue to make our feelings known!

Some thoughts from our Staff:

Craig Spilker, Business Development

When I was thirteen, my mother convinced me to try out for our junior-legion baseball team. I was quite young compared to the other players trying out and I immediately felt intimidated.  So, after arriving at the baseball field to try out, I refused to get out of the car.  She promptly came around to my door, opened it, and proceeded to force me out of the car and up the walkway towards the field.  She always told me “Any great journey begins with the first step” and that not getting out and making that first step “is not an option”.  

Grant Mollring, Sales Representative

“My wonderful mother Sue Ann has been a coaches wife for close to 40 years, so she has always understood the profession.  She knows when to push and pull in terms of talking about coaching, and more importantly she knows when to remind me to make family a priority.  Tough losses and glorifying wins, her support has remained the same.  She has always embraced the culture of coaching even through the challenges of becoming a football widow in the fall over the years.  I will always hold her near and dear for being a fantastic support system for my career!” 

Nick Boosalis, Customer Support

“My mom proved to be (and remains) one of my main resources when it comes to coaching. Not only the way she raised me has an impact on how I treat the young men I work with everyday but I still lean on her for advice. She spent years as a middle school teacher and shows me how to motivate kids or lends an ear when I need to blow off some steam after a long week of practice.  She may not have been the one to teach me the X’s and O’s, but she has had as big of an impact on my career as anyone.”

We couldn’t publish a Mother’s Day article without including these recent tributes.  These athletes and celebrities have made their heartfelt feelings known in a national platform and we are proud of them! Check the links out below:

Teddy Bridgewater shows his appreciation for his mother who has fought cancer.  It was her Birthday present and Mothers Day gift!

Kevin Durant accepted the MVP award and made us all proud by acknowledging his teammates, organization, fans, and most importantly, his mother.!KkV9J

The recent World Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction provided Mr. T the avenue to talk about and thank his mother. He referred to her 73 times during the speech!

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