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Mid-Season Adjustments: Keeping a Competitive Environment


Trying to keep the same competitive intensity that you had in training camp now that you are in the middle of the season can be challenging. Injuries, complacency and other distractions can keep your team from performing at their maximum level in practice, and consequently, in games.

So, what can you do to keep your football environment competitive in the middle of the season to ensure that your team finishes strong and your players reach their potential?

1) Establish new goals: Even if your team is performing at a high level at this point in the season, it doesn’t mean that your initial goals for the season have been reached. Challenge your team with new goals to hit during practice and for the next few games. This will bring a new sense of urgency to the team. Your leaders should respond to the challenge and set an example for the rest of the squad.

2) Challenge your starters: A lot of teams have a set of starters who have earned their place in the lineup. Challenging these starters to continue to improve is important when striving for a more competitive environment. Giving additional responsibility to your starters can improve their accountability to the rest of the team as well. If they don’t respond well, encourage back-ups to try and take the starters position.

3) Teach new drills and plays: Complacency in practice can start because your players get used to the weekly schedule. New practice drills can help to get your players to increase competition, while introducing new plays into the playbook can build the excitement level for the upcoming game.

4) Encourage off-field accountability: Making sure that your players are staying focused off the field can be a challenge, especially during the season. When your players are holding each other accountable off the field, their level of competitiveness and trust will stay high during practices and games.

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.”
– Steve Maraboli

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  • Craig Spilker

    So critical to “challenge your starters” especially as season progresses and players do get comfortable with their status. Same applies to those who “sit the bench” and week after week maybe feel like they’re not getting an opportunity. Challenging both can really help increase intensity in mid-season practices. “A rising tide lifts ALL boats”. Great article with such a critical component of any season. Keep ’em coming.