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Lockr is going “Freemium”


Hello Coaches!

We coaches use words like “execution”, “process”, “through-a-brickwall-type-of-guy” or “mental toughness” on a daily basis and we know exactly what those words mean.  But “freemium”?   What does that mean?


Well, we, at Lockr, are “tech guys” too, and “freemium” means all good things for you.  It means you’ll be able to sign up for Lockr and keep using it for as long as you like.  Nobody’s gonna tell you when to log-onto the computer, especially not us.  Lockr was designed for you, the individual coach, and we want to make it free so you can use it any time you like.

Freemium Lockr and you

With the switch to Lockr, you’ll still get the ease of signing up in just minutes.  There’s no credit card needed and all it takes is your email address and phone number.  From there, you get Lockr for as long as you need it.  You get to store that “box of stuff in your basement” on Lockr, and access it 24/7 anywhere you can get the internet.  There will be storage limits, but plans start at only $9 bucks a month for much more storage.

But that’s not all.

With “free-forever-Lockr” you get to upload, tag, design, and organize as many drills, plays and files as you can store.  Even better is being able to then share them with an unlimited amount of contacts.  No restrictions.  Same with practices, you can create up to 10 practices with the free version of Lockr.

So why pay for Lockr?

First off, we want you to know that Lockr is committed to developing the very best coaches tool available.  We know what could make your life easier, and that’s why being apart of Lockr now (either free or paid) is best so you can see these updates over time.

But, getting the paid version of Lockr now means having much more storage (15gb), unlimited practice plans, unlimited reports, and unlimited everything.  And the best part of this?  It’s only $9 bucks a month.  Now we say this a lot, but $9 bucks a month is truly cheap.  Don’t wait, sometimes taking advantage of a deal is best done now.

Sign up or tell someone about Lockr today (how about both instead?)

The toughest part about growing this idea, is getting as many people to learn about Lockr as possible.  We need more ideas and comments from coaches out there and that means we need to grow.  I created Lockr to connect coaches and bring the community together, to provide one place to store all my most prized coaching ideas, and to be able to create practices and learn from them with reporting.  However, we need more coaches out there to make it happen.

Sign up today (if you haven’t)

Share Lockr with a friend (if you haven’t)

Thanks Coach, we hope you continue enjoying great things from our Team.  We’re all working hard to make sure you always have the very best coaches tool to make your life easier.  To make you a more effective and successful coach.  That’s my goal.

Be well,

Raymonn Adams (@Raymonn)

Head Coach/Founder, Lockr

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