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Development Timelines and Go Live Day


First off we want to say thanks for your patience. There has not been much communication on the front-end, but the back-end we are plugging away. Our development team has put a really good timeline together and we have an end in site that we believe you will be excited about.

Developing Lockr is fun and challenging all in the same instance. With sports coaching being such an intricate job it’s bound to have some sort of road blocks that we did not foresee. However, the coaches that are testing Lockr out and shaping its first launch has been more than awesome! We are really excited to be getting close to the go live date.

As for the actual day — we dare not to say specifics. However, we don’t want to hold back your excitement. So with that being said…we are going to be going live in May! Check back often as we will be allowing more coaches in to test drive Lockr.

Stay tuned!

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