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2014 NFL Combine Recap


For the past seven days, 335 of college football’s finest athletes participated and competed in a number of drills, medical examinations, psychological tests, and interviews with NFL teams who’re all salivating over the new influx of talent being added to the league. For the athletes who were invited to the combine, it gives them a […]

30 Days of Drills: 8-14 Recap


With the the NFL combine in full swing in Indianapolis this past weekend, we decided to dedicate our second week of ’30 Days of Drills’ segment to the drills that college athletes participate in while at the NFL combine. These drills are designed to test the NCAA’s best athletes on their techniques and skill sets. […]

30 Days of Drills: 1-7 Recap


With the first week of drills in our segment of  ’30 Days of Drills’ completed, let’s take a look at the featured drills of the week. This collection of practice ideas includes drills from power house programs such as LSU, Tennessee and Alabama. Day 1 – Clap Drill (Quarterbacks) This quarterback drill is designed to […]

Spring Football: 5 Keys to Success


Spring football is a vital time for many programs to make the most of the limited reps to maximize momentum going into the summer. How different coaches handle their spring practices can vary, but we are excited to share some key concepts that you should include into your spring practice plan. 1. Start Learning: As coaches […]

Setting Your Practice Tempo


More and more teams are adding a tempo-setting period to the beginning of their practice plan.  After warm-ups, but before individual work, teams will transition to a group period designed to establish that sense of urgency we all want our players to practice with.  This period is typically presided over by a very boisterous and […]

Music at Practice


The usage of music during practice is a simple, yet effective concept that is growing throughout the ranks of college football programs. Whether coaches are creating playlists or using DJ’s, utilizing music in practice is a new and innovative tool that coaches are implementing into their practice plans to control the pace of each session […]

Lockr: Blooper Reel


The making of our Welcome video took more takes than we expected….  

The Coaches Party: Kansas City


We hosted a party with Championship Coaching Systems for coaches at Johnny’s Tavern in Kansas City. This was the result. Interested in Lockr? Sign up for a free trial.

Signing Day 2014


National Signing Day has come and gone and has brought us exciting news as we begin the 2014 college football campaign. The importance of putting together a great recruiting class is a big reason why signing day is one of the most thrilling days in college football. Here’s insight on what I thought were some […]

Making A Practice Schedule


Last week, we showed you how simple it was to add a drill in Lockr. Now that you have your Lockr stocked with drills, the next step is to put those drills into your daily practice schedule. Making a practice schedule is easier than ever and can be done in those 10-15 minutes you have […]