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Summer Preparation begins with Leadership


About the Author: Garry Fisher is the Linebackers coach for Eastern Kentucky University. Contact him via email at: and on twitter @Linebackers101 As teams wrap up their spring practices and prepare for the summer, it’s always a challenging time period for football coaches. As coaches, we have to turn over the program to our strength coaches […]

Coaches Spotlight: Garry Fisher, EKU


In a new weekly segment, we’re calling “Lockr Spotlight”, we bring you the inside information, background, and coaching insight of a current Lockr coach.  This week our coaches spotlight is on Linebacker and Assistant DC coach at Eastern Kentucky University, Garry Fisher. Assistant Coach Garry Fisher (@Linebackers101): Lockr: Who would you consider to be your coaching mentor? […]

The Brick vs The Sponge: Leadership Qualities for QB’s


About the Author:  John Tomlinson has been blessed to have coached the greatest game on earth for 20 years from high school to the collegiate level. He’s spent 15 of those years coaching and developing Quarterbacks from North Carolina to Texas. He’s been privileged to have interned with the Indianapolis Colts and be mentored by Tom Moore, Frank Reich, […]

Using Lockr to Build and Organize an Efficient and Effective Strength Training Program


About the Author: Lee Weber, CSCS, Strength and Conditioning Instructor, Council Grove High School in Council Grove, KS. Weber is also the Head Football Coach and Head Track and Field Coach for CGHS and has been a successful strength and conditioning coach for the past 13 years.  Lockr stands as a new exciting coaches’ organization and […]

Listen to your mother…


You’re mom or dad told you to do this and if you’re like me it’s a hard lesson to learn. What you might not realize is that not doing this one simple thing might be keeping you from landing that next coaching job you really want. Sharing. It’s a difficult lesson to learn as a […]

Wide Receivers: Blocking Machines


About the Author: Joe McLain, a Chadron native and former Chadron State quarterback, is entering his third season as Wide Receivers coach with the Eagles. We Are Blocking Machines One of the biggest parts of our receiving corps philosophy is to be known as a relentless group that does not take plays off – especially on […]

Case Study: 1984 Orange Bowl


Late in the 4th quarter of the 1984 Orange Bowl, the Nebraska Cornhuskers cut the Miami Hurricanes lead to 31-23. On the next play, Huskers coach Tom Osborne elected to kick the extra point instead of going for two. The decision that Coach Osborne made to kick the PAT was a mistake according to Championship […]

#CoachChat: Spring Ball


On Wednesday, February 26th, we hosted a SpringBall #CoachChat with Krossover. The goal: to bring coaches from all around the country together to talk about spring football. We prompted questions and the top minds football has to offer took over and gave us some great feedback. Continue to look for our next #CoachChat and join […]

The Transition to Private Coaching


What is the difference between coaching a team and one-on-one coaching? When working with a team, a coach runs through a set of exercises and drills that must often benefit more than 20 players at once. Team coaches know a lot about their sport from years of both playing and coaching experience, and that experience […]

Incorporating the H-Back into the Pistol Offense


About The Author: James Vint has 14 years of coordinator experience at the high school and college levels, and is currently the special teams coordinator and coaches offensive skill players at Coronado High School, a 6A high school in Lubbock, Texas. He was on the forefront of the development of the pistol and spread offenses. […]