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Lockr Sports Coaching Tool

About Lockr

We understand that winning is preparation, so Lockr was designed to help coaches “Track, Organize, and Measure Coaching Effectiveness” to better prepare their teams and improve themselves as a coach.

How The Idea For Lockr Was Born

As a coach, have you ever felt like you could prepare your teams much better if your coaching materials were organized and streamlined, instead of unorganized and scattered? Well, Lockr’s founder and creator, Raymonn Adams, certainly did.

He’s a former professional football player, and current football coach. His experience playing the game, and later, coaching at the college level taught him (much to his amazement) that most coaches, in this day and age of technology, still use old and outdated methods of organizing and storing their coaching material. Additionally, his own desire to connect with coaching colleagues and share information left him frustrated when he found that he lacked the necessary time and resources to do so quickly and easily.

The Man Behind Lockr

In addition to being a football coach, Raymonn is a web developer living in Lincoln, Nebraska. It didn’t take Raymonn long to realize what a godsend an intuitive and straightforward online repository for drills, plays, and files would be for coaches, so he got started on developing Lockr. His idea was to merge traditional coaching methods with redefining web technology to develop a one-of-a-kind sports coaching tool that focused on the preparation aspect of the coaching game. And the end result was the revolutionary Lockr.

Who Lockr Is For

Here at Lockr we work with coaches across the nation, at every level, who wishes to take their individual drill sessions with player and practice preparations efforts to the next level. Trust me when we say that we feel your pain as a coach who wishes he had a better way to get organized and prepared, because we’ve been there ourselves. You are exactly who we had in mind when Lockr was being developed, and we know you’ll be blown away when you see for yourself how it can forever change the way you coach.

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